Public Service Department in Malaysia

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INTRODUCTION The various government agencies were established by the government plan, control, assist and implement agency will be able to perform its functions smoothly, the agencies concerned must be organised in a proper, systematic and effective manner. In addition, the government would appoint officers to hold public services posts at various levels. The administration of a government agency would be incomplete without financial allocation to pay for all its activities. To finance the agencies, a yearly allocation is given based on their financial needs to enable the agencies to carry out activities and responsibilities entrusted to them. At present, the agencies established are responsible for providing public services in the field…show more content…
1) Public Services Department ( PSD ) The Public Service Department in the State Chancellery has responsibility for coordinating civil services human resources management. Because politicians and civil servants have been reluctant to return to anything resembling the strong centralist control of the Soviet era, central coordination is markedly weak. In real terms the activities of the PSD includes collection of data from ministries to provide reports to cabinet on employment and human resources issues, development of some human resources policies, such as attestation policy and procedures, and development of the national training strategy and coordination of civil service training. The PSD reports to the state chancellor and consists of six staff who are well educated but lack exposure to modern civil service human resources management. The performance of the civil service could be enhanced by giving the PSD the mandate to develop all civil service human resources issues, including pay and grading, which has recently been allocated to the Ministry of Finance. Such an arrangement would still require close coordination and consultation with the Ministry of Finance (in terms of affordability), the Ministry of Justice (in terms of legality). And other ministries (in terms of impact). Given the current institutional debates on the formation of
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