Public Service Motivated Behavior For The Design Of Reward Systems Within Public Sector Organizations

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Discuss the Implications of Public Service Motivated Behavior for the Design of Reward Systems within Public Sector Organizations

Introduction 4
Literature Review on managing successful rewards motivation among employees 4
Involving Employees Contribution toward Reward Program Development 5
Identify Individual Employee Interest in Specific Rewards 5
Ensure To Develop Fair Reward Achieving Guidelines 6
Provide Reasonable Performance Goals and Standards 6
Interlink Rewards Determination to Performance Target Achievement 7
Designing of different types of Reward Systems 8
Financial Incentives 9
Hobby and Skill Development 9
In-house entertainment 10
Relaxation, Rest and Short Work Hours 10
Excursions and Outing to Divert the Mind 11
Conclusion 12
References 13


Employee motivation through the use of rewards systems has been used for a millennia as people tend to be motivated to work harder when offered rewards for good work. The 21st century has experienced major changes liked to motivation within the public sector where professionals are today looking for a wider verity of motivators and not limited to financial incentives (Sandhya & Kumar 2011). This makes challenging for managers and professional at work to coordinate and deliver high quality working environments and facilities so as to ensure the company professional remain on the job. Today a company workforce has become very choosy and they are becoming more particular on…
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