Public Services And Public Sector

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Businesses vary. Schools, shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, banks, spas, and universities are all businesses in the sense that they all have corporate missions or targets to deliver whilst, at the same time being under constraints and pressures.
These businesses can be divided into 3 categories;
1. Private
2. Public
3. The Voluntary/Third Sector e.g. Charities and Co-Operatives.
Public Sector Companies are predominately focused on providing the best service that budget allows to the communities or taxpayers. For example if the government-run bus service in a remote area is not getting enough customers, the government may still continue this service as its main objective is to provide and not to maximise profits. On the other hand, if this service was run by a private sectors business, they may end it if they do not find it profitable, as their main priority is predominately to increase revenue.
However, in recent years, the government has encouraged Public Sector Companies to focus on commercial targets, whilst at the same time meeting government targets. This is due to budget cuts and the reorganisation of government money as Public Companies are funded by the taxpayer, either directly e.g. council tax; or indirectly e.g. income tax distributed by the Government.
Private sector objectives will often differ from objectives set in the public sector. Private Sector Companies are normally owned by private individuals or families. However, they can also be owned by other
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