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This essay will provide an analysis of the public sector in public relations, identifying its key concepts, challenges and an example of an organisation which follows its structure. The public sector PR is described as “driven by the need for transparency in how an organisation carries out its public duties, accountability to the public, on how money from taxes is spent and increasingly, public consultation and involvement in the services provided” (Tench & Yeomans 2009). Public sector organisations are those which are publicly funded - usually through taxes. This includes local government, NHS, Police, Fire stations, and Ambulance service. Public relations in the public sector widely focus on government and political communications which can be local, regional or central. The audience within this public sector is essentially the public - those who pay taxes in order to fund these public organisations as all of these services are paid for through either local or national taxes.
The role of a PR practitioner in the public sector requires an array of skills - including handling and dealing with a crisis - and effective crisis communication itself is vital to a successful crisis management effort. Crisis public relations management research brings important insights to understanding what makes crisis communication effective and ineffective (Coombs 2010). The organisations within the public sector organisations also include all emergency services however the public sector also
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