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SPE 102, January 8th 2009
TITLE: Obtaining a 4 year degree through Burlington County College
GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform my audience of different methods they can use to obtain a four year degree through Burlington County College.
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: Burlington County College offers many opportunities for advancement whether it is a stepping stone to a 4 year college, an entry into an accredited program through guarantee transfer, or the ever expanding bachelor degree completion program at Burlington County College.

I attended Rutgers for a year. I was also actively involved in Air Force ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) for those two semesters. I maintained a respectable GPA and made
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1. For some students attending college, high school grades may be an issue for admittance into some four year institutions. a. Many accredited four year institutions require a certain standard in which their prospective students must meet. For some, these standards include a particular GPA, or Grade Point Average, in which they may not comply with by the end of their high school career. The guarantee transfer program gives the prospective student the ability to enter a program they may have been previously ineligible for, assuming they meet all criteria for that program. b. By establishing criteria for admittance into these programs, a student is able to clearly establish their baseline and thus set themselves up for success early on. 2. Not only does the program give the student the opportunity to enter programs they may have been previously ineligible for, it gives them the same opportunity to graduate with in the same time frame of a student who attended all four years at the same institution, but for a fraction of the cost. a. As stated earlier, tuition rates amongst community colleges and four year colleges are substantially
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