Public Speaking Outline - Steve Jobs

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I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: How many people in this room own or have owned an IPod, IPhone, or IPad? Isn’t astounding how one man’s vision and innovation gave us all devices that have made the world today more connected than it’s ever been? Devices we NOW can’t imagine leaving behind when we walk out the front door in the morning. Whether it’s listening to music in your bedroom, reading the news on the train ride to work, checking your email at home or even sitting in a waiting room watching Netflix. It’s hard to deny the influence and impact that Steve Jobs has had on modern culture. B. Reason to Listen: My name is Eduardo Salazar and like many of you I too can’t live without technology and though my personal devices haven’t…show more content…
According to Jobs “The device that could eat their lunch was the cellphone.” a. Camera sales had already begun declining since the addition of camera’s to cellular phones and Jobs knew the same thing could happen to the IPod if cell phones added a music feature to the device. b. In response to this Apple partnered with Motorola to create a sibling to the already popular Motorola RAZR, the phone was called the ROKR. Unfortunately with the 100 song limit and not so skinny build the ROKR didn’t have the expansive music library that the IPod had and lacked the beauty and sleekness of the Motorola Razr. Jobs hated it. 2. Not the first - Other companies had made smartphones, Apple wasn’t the first but Apple built a better device and that’s what changed the industry. Choosing to do it on his own Jobs acquired a few companies already building touch screens and multi touch systems and began to work on his phone. a. Same features, New phone – Jobs felt by integrating applications, contacts, email, calenders and music all in one but making the whole device more user friendly he could appeal to a desire cellphone consumers had longed for. 3. The Statistics - Apple introduced the IPhone in 2007, according to Forbes Magazine, today Apple has sold over 100 million IPhones. Transition: What many don’t know is that to build the IPhone Jobs drew several resources and ideas from a secret project he had already been working on. The IPad. C. Jobs sought
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