Public Speech On Public Speaking

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Public Speaking Goals
I chose to take this course because I have enjoyed previous units I have had about public speaking in high school English classes and it is a requirement for my major. As a pre-pharmacy major, public speaking does not seem like a necessary class, but the more I think about how often public speaking is used, the more I understand the reasoning for public speaking as a required course. Public speaking is a major foundation for everyday communication. Growing up, I can recall several common instances where I was exposed to public speaking. A guest speaker coming to talk to our class, the priest giving a homily at mass, large assemblies with inspirational speakers, and our graduation speech are a few examples that come to mind. Although it seems like only famous people or teachers ever have to speak in public, in reality, almost everyone will have to give a speech in front of a large group at some point in their lives. This is why public speaking is a required course for most students. Public speaking is important when proposing an idea with a large group of people, explaining a plan of action for a specific task, sharing a new medical discovery with a group of physicians, or giving a talk on leadership to a group of business professionals. All of these cases are applicable to almost any career, which is why it is important for all students to understand the basics of public speaking and how to effectively communicate with a large audience. In my…
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