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Most people tend to fear public speaking whether it be the feeling like what you want to say won’t come out when speaking or just the fact that you have to stand in front of an audience and speak its self may be frightful to most people. Although that may be so with practice, public speaking shouldn’t be feared but be seen as a useful skill that may be applied to everyday life weather you’re in school or in your job. I believe learning how to publicly speak is something that will most diffidently take time to achieve but with the right mind set and practice it should come more easily. As it says in “The art of speaking” it is normal to be nervous and public speaking is one of the most nerve wracking experience for most people. Although that might the case for most it is a great skill to achieve even though you may have that intial fear. For me public speaking is not something I would prefer to do, it’s also somethings am not that great at, I am actually quite the opposite am pretty bad so when I was first approached with my first presentations fear came over but with the help of my professor and her guidance it wasn’t such a horrific first experience. When I was first approached with the small exercise of asking myself who I am, and being asked to either jot down words or draw who I thought I was including what my likes desires and dreams and so on. It took me a while to really think who I really was because at first I was focusing on how others around me portrayed me to be.

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