Public Sphere Within The Private Space

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The concept of the mediatisation of space has allowed for an understanding of the intertwining of the public and the private spheres. This experience of the public sphere is seen through the infusion of symbols and representations within media forms, thus showing us the impact of changes that the media has catalysed in our individual everyday life. The public sphere within the private space can be seen in mediums such as Twitter, in which the representation of words and hashtags have shifted the societal experience. Thus, this idea of mediatisation of space allows for an understanding of the value and experience of the public in individual lives with the assistance of signs, symbols and representations. The mediatisation of space is a…show more content…
For example, the bedroom and messaging apps are both considered privatised space, though one is physical and the other virtual. Similarly, the park and news websites are both public space, as they are accessible by the general community, though they differ in scale and degree of publicness. These ideas of space are inextricably intertwined with the concept of mobility—the shifting between locations—and time—both linear and non-linear (Green 2002, p. 282). The idea of mediatisation is slightly harder to explain, however, as it is a concept which is an “incomplete and still unfolding historical project” (Livingstone 2009, p. 6). It should be also highlighted and noted that the concept differs from that of the term mediation. Mediation emphasises the complexity of the social space and the diversity of transformations which arise (Couldry 2008, p. 3), exploring the impact that media has upon the contemporary society as a whole. Thus, it focuses on examining the fundamental influence of media on the community. Comparatively, mediatisation, as asserted by Hepp, Hjarvard and Lundby (2015), endeavours to build a theoretical framework that will allow an examination into the role of media in transforming social and cultural interaction, and shift communicative methods. The theory also emphasises on the role of media and how its logics impact culture and society. Thus, whilst mediation
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