Public Transportation Is A Complex Project

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Public transportation is always one of the biggest issues in many countries. Developing underground public transportation is one of the best solutions but there are lots of public constructions which are developed underground such as subway, MRT, and sewers which mean an underground construction is a complex project with risky and more dynamic, but because of the economic growth, public construction is needed in order to satisfy the needs of people in the metropolis or rural areas. In order to execute the underground rail project with dense pipelines and crowed population, there are many factors to be considered including risk, variation, challenge and dynamic which are much higher than the common ground constructions. Metropolitan underground rail project is considering as a high-risk construction which requires a correct assessment and processing of risk and uncertainty determinants of underground rail construction in order to prevent the result in over budget, time delay, and poor performance (Shih-Tong Lu, Cheng-Wei Lin & Hsin-Lung Liu, 2008) In this circumstance, the deficient management strategies and risk management can potentially lead to any loss in finance and reputation to the owner and contractor. Before executing the underground rail project, it is necessary to determine an overall assessment factors of risk and uncertainty constituent. This essay will illustrate the main problems of a mass rapid-transit (MRT) project in Thailand in the areas of delay,
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