Public Transportation System Of Beijing

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Public Transportation System in Beijing in Next 20 Years MME 9617 Energy Conversion Prof. Robert Swartman Jiaxing Wang Apr 16 2015 Content Abstract Introduction Population Background Public Transportation Problem and Challenge Comparison and Discussion FCV vs CNG Outlook Summary and Conclusions Reference Outline I. Background of Beijing PT Development II. Problems & Challenges in PT Development III. Proposals & Goals IV. A Tentative Plan for BCTN V. A Tentative Plan for BCTN Model Corridor VI. Working Review and Plan for Next Stage Abstract In this report, I will first demonstrate the public transportation history in Beijing in recent decades years and the population explore. And some projects(like Beijing CNG Transit, FCV etc.) which are under operation for now. Then I would like to show my own planning and suggestions for Beijing public transportation system based on energy conversion. And also an outlook of technologies on reducing the cost for these renewable power based buses. Finally I will make a comparison and conclusion of the future direction of transportation development. I know it is quite a challenge for presenting this general topic within 2,000 words but I will still try my best to let you know a basic background and my blue print of public transportation system in Beijing in next 20 years. Introduction Population Background Beijing, capital of People’s Republic of China, is one of the most populous
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