Public Vrs. Private Essay

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Public Vrs. Private

The Eternal Question: Public or Private

Consider this, you drive into the parking lot of the public school and see the same five squad cars as every day, business as usual you think. You and your friends walk up to the door and wait in line for the metal detectors. You put your keys in the tray and walk through the detector, it goes off. Two cops walk up to check your backpack. Pager in the pocket got to go back to the car and put it away. Back through the metal detectors and they do not go off, thank God. You go to first period, sit in your seat and the teacher locks the door. The drug dogs must be coming today. Second period and the dogs are still here, there must be something wrong. Third period starts
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This year at Marian there was a big deal with drugs; the school decided to do an unannounced drug bust. Through the day there were 150 students held and searched. By the end of the day there were four seniors and two freshman expelled. A police officer asked our principle if she would like a sweep of the entire school. Sister Mary Paul declined stating that she knew most of the students would not be back tomorrow if she did that. This is the most pathetic thing I have heard from an administrator. If she knows that her school is so bad why would she single out those six students? The answer is that Marian is getting so bad with drugs that she knew she had to do something to stop these problems, so she used these students as an example for the rest of us. Although private schools do have their down points I think they are the best option. My parents said they would never send their dog to Crete-Monee, our public school, let alone their daughter. My mother went to Marian and my father went to Bloom, the public school example, so they also know first hand the problems in these schools. Marian has just recently started with the drug problems though. Rita, my mother, said that there was never any problem at school when she went there; the gossip was always about what happened at Bloom today. The main factor in this transition is money. When my mom went there, parents had a lot of money but the children did not see a lot of it. Now, children flaunt their parents' money

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