Public Vs. Private Schooling

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Money Matters:
Public versus Private Schooling in India There are two types of schools in India, public, government-funded schools, and private schools that must be paid for by the student attending. Students have the right protected by law to attend these schools, but not all take advantage of this. Attending these schools can lead students on paths that lead them to higher education whether it be through private enterprises or through the government. However, due to differing costs, students might not be able to attend private schools for their primary education. Often however, that is a deciding factor in the student’s performance. It might seem that the type of school that someone attends, whether it is private or public, is what makes the difference in the education levels of people in India, but a more clear deciding factor is the economic situation of the students attending, or not attending the schools. India’s government funded school program was established about 65 years ago, to provide “free and compulsory education to all children and [to begin] transforming the elite education system inherited from its colonial past into a mass education program” . Tremendous progress has been made in achieving this goal. The number of students who are unreached by schooling has fallen by about twenty million in just about three years . When this goal was set out only about eighteen percent of India’s adults possessed basic literary skills, preceding that, in 1905 slightly
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