Public Vs. Public Schools

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Larry Boots

Public vs Non-Public School Labor Markets
Private versus public education, good versus bad, rich versus poor. A debate that has greatly impacted our society for centuries. Guided by inaccurate perceptions of each side, society has created a misunderstanding of the two types of education and what they represent, resulting in a competitive teacher labor market for public and private schools K-12. With the question, is there a difference between teaching in a public or private school? If so, which one has the advantage in the labor market?
Growing up in a town that offered two high schools, one private and the other public, I was given the opportunity to gain knowledge on how people perceived the two schools, and what impact
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Every parent wants their child to receive the best education possible, in preparation for the future. This leads to the question, what factors determine a school more desirable for receiving an education? If every student is presented with the same material, then what is difference between attending a public high school versus a private high school? Both of these questions can be answered with one simple word, teachers. Like any other occupation, the employer is looking to find the best candidate suitable for a certain position. Schools are looking to find the best teachers to employ in hopes of increasing student achievement, resulting in a good overall reputation of the school. Thus creating a competitive labor market for teachers.
Schooling in America originated in the 18th century, with the creation of privatized schooling. Selective students were given the opportunity to study various subjects. Most of the students who were given an opportunity to attend school at that time were white and came from wealthy families, and unlike today, most of the teachers were male. The formation of public schools didn’t happen until the 1840’s, which was created by the government in effort to provide education to those who could not afford it at the time. The most qualified teachers were often found teaching in the private schools, leaving the less qualified teachers in the public schools.
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