Public 's Fear Of Burglary

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Essay topic: A charity supporting victims of crime has commissioned a research study into burglary. The research study will last for one year. In the UK during the 90s the property crime reach the higher point of incident with almost twenty millions per year. Between 1990 and 2014 the number of crime in the UK dropped dramatically to six million of incident per year according to The Office for National Statistics. Property crime and burglary are still a subject were people are scared of, even is the numbers have fallen there are always many victims of those crimes. In this paper this research will examine the public’s fear of burglary in London. On this study there is three objectives to achieve to understand and explore this fear.…show more content…
- As stated in Coping with burglary, the danger of property crime cannot be eliminated but surely can be shortened. There are some recommendations to avoid to the maximum any kind of burglary; avoid inner-city, and being next to pubs or places with entertainment, having a resident porter, fitting window locks, blocking access to the rear, making the house more visible from the street, having a burglar alarm, buying a dog, simulate occupancy while we are away. - On the social research “experience and expression in the fear of crime” in England and Wales. The study observed if people were fearful about crime (robbery, burglary, and car crime). They discover that 54% are not worried about crimes in general, 21% are not completely anxious about it but have a small level of concern. Another 21% feel worried about those crimes, and only 4% are worried at least once a week. - In the UK each 40 seconds a burglary occur. The average age of burglars is 16 to 24 years old and men largely commit them. Also RGS Security states that 56% of burglaries happen by night. Those numbers justify the public’s fear. The first research question of the study will be; Which London’s borough has the highest fear of burglary? The quantitative method will be the most significant to reply to the first and second objectives of the research which are to measure and
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