Public vs Private Schools Outline Essay

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Outline and Thesis Statement Guide

What is your thesis statement? While there are many similarities between public and private high schools there are also many differences that help you choose between public school and private.

Introduction: When it is time to attend school, how will you choose between public and private schools? While you will be attending yourself or sending your children to school your ultimate goal is to find a school that will meet you or your child’s needs. Having had first-hand experience with both schools, it allowed me to compare differences of each school system.

I. First main point: The differences between public education admission and
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III. Third main point: The different requirements between teachers have to be state certified or just experts in their field. A. Public school teachers are required to hold college degrees and to be licensed by the state. 1. Public schools have certain minimum requirements for teachers including certification and specific degrees. 2. Public school teachers have to follow a specific curriculum with the degree they have. For example if a teacher has a major in English that’s what they would have to teach and follow the board of education curriculum. B. Private schools have no personnel requirements other than their own. 1. Private school teachers can have a certificate that says they are an expert in their field and can be hired if the private school wants to hire them. 2. Often, private school teachers will have specialized education in the subject they teach.

Conclusion: There are many differences you have to consider but it will be worth it when you have found the right school system for you or your children. Private schools are inclusive and this leads to its own problems and prejudices. There might not be enough funds to help out students with special needs that encounter. Further, you could be required to attend different religious courses. Finally, the cost will in most cases be considerably higher than that of public schools. It is your decision of whether

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