Public's View Of Healthcare Essay

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Introduction I have examined the public's view of healthcare. Along with that I have analyzed how their perception was shaped by the primary actors within the U.S. healthcare system. The primary actors are the insurers, the provider groups, and the purchaser's. Following that I conclude with my own thoughts and views. The Public's View of Healthcare The public is not content with our healthcare right now. An extensive survey was conducted by ABC News; the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, an independent non-profit research organization that specializes in health care issues; and USA Today on the public's attitude on health care. Surprisingly enough one aspect of why the public is not content with the healthcare system is…show more content…
Sixteen percent of healthcare spending in 2003 was paid by the consumers that pay out-of-pocket and the public and private insurance's paid the rest. The heavy reliance on insurance and the cost of medical treatment being pushed on third parties has made it to where doctors and patients make unrational and unethical decisions about spending. The public's perception has also been shaped through the increase of fiscal and political attack on the Medicaid program. Let's not leave out the long-term solvency problem of the federal government that has also shaped their perception. The delivery of insurance and the delivery of care are predominately ran by players who add cost without adding value such as private insurers, for-profit hospitals, and other players. 2) Provider groups: The perception of healthcare costing too much has been shaped through limiting resources through the new model of managed care, higher insurance premiums, and strained hospital budgets within the provider groups. The payment methods in this area for different scopes of service are fee-schedules and sometimes capitation. That of course still depends on preferences of the plan and the willingness of the provider to assume the risk for specified sets of services. Individual facilities are the primary contract plans for hospitals. These plans pay them on per diem per case and sometimes capitation. Provider groups
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