Essay Publishing Industry: Irish Artists and Book Illustration

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Between 1830 and 1930 there was a huge expansion in the publishing industry. Through a series of industrial leaps, the publishing industry became an ideal medium for both innovation and expression. The combination of the development of a train network as well as the mass production of paper products allowed for greater distribution of published products. Not only that, but the invention and use of the printing press greatly influenced the accessibility of the publishing industry. As a result, the markets for published products expanded and diversified. During this explosion, publishers began to recognize the marketability of illustrated books. Illustrations extended the meaning of the words written on the page and illuminated the messages…show more content…
Consequently, Clarke utilized wood engraving and Yeats eventually mastered the mechanical process of photoengraving. Harry Clarke was brought up under the influence of his father Joshua Clarke, a craftsman who worked with stained glass. Following in his father’s footsteps Clarke began schooling to sharpen his artistic talents while also working as an apprentice for his father’s stained glass business. During this time he turned to drawing and illustration to generate an income. At first it did not seem that he was going to find success as an illustrator. He compiled a portfolio of some of his drawings to send to London’s best children’s book publishers. Just as he was ready to give up on a career in drawing, George Harrap signed Clarke to illustrate Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales. It was Harrap’s initial support of Clarke that sparked his eventual international acclaim. Clarke’s drawings were famous for their intricacies. His sensitively drawn lines and delicate colors helped to give his work an original flare. After the publishing of Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales Clarke received increasing amounts of attention from his critics and his admirers. The drawings revealed his untamed imagination, and the combination of the hand-graving mechanical technique he used, paired with his fresh interpretation of the text tugged on the emotions of his readers. Some argue that his illustrations in Hans

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