Publix Super Market Inc.: Good Reputation and Firm Mission

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Publix Super Market Inc., a food and drug retailer is one of the fastest growing employee-owned grocery store chains in the United States. The privately held company began 1930 in Winter Haven, Florida by George W. Jenkins. Since the company’s start, Publix has continued to grow and as of 2013, it ranked 108 on the Fortune 500 list. Likewise, Publix had revenue of 27,706.8 million and profits of 1,552.3 million. Publix’s current stock price is $30.00 per share and the number of shares of common stock outstanding as of Feb. 5, 2013 was 773, 972,000 ( The company has stores located in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina with the majority of the stores being located in its home state of Florida. In the 83 …show more content…
We value the relationships along the path from “farm to fork” and realize it takes a lot of people, each providing a great service. Publix is currently the focus of a campaign by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) who seeks to pressure us to become involved in the employment relationship between Florida farmers who grow tomatoes and the farmworkers they employ to harvest their product. Since first approached by the CIW three years ago, we have consistently viewed this issue as a labor dispute” ( Publix argues that the treatment of workers is an issue between employer and employees and is an issue that needs to be handled by the department of labor. However, they state if tomatoes farmers need to raise the overall price or tomatoes to give their employees better benefits they will pay the market price. Publix also argues that its goal is to provide customers with high quality foods, services, and suppliers that do not meet their standards will be dropped from their supplier list. This is one of their reasons for arguing they do not need to join the Fair Food Program. Publix believes that it is their mission to provide the best quality foods for customers. Publix’s mission states, “Our Mission at Publix is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world. Toward this mission, we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations, provide a superior shopping experience and ensure our

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