Publix Super Markets, Inc.

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85 years, Publix Super Markets, Inc. (Publix), a nationwide chain, has set the precedent for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and specifically sustainability. With an added emphasis on the past 15 years due to the implementation of their Green Routine program, Publix is the gold-standard of sustainability, with comprehensive philanthropic initiatives that support and intertwine housing, education, food security, technology, and more. Publix is consistently taking strides to become more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and beneficial to the local community. By breaking down sustainability into 3 core concepts: social justice, environmental integrity, and economic prosperity, an objective analysis can be made about the current Publix sustainability model. VERY wordy. Go through line by line and eliminate nonessential wording. Prof people skim scan skip when reading. Also – spell check. I see a green line in the sentence above
Social Justice
Social justice is defined as the relationship between an individual [corporation] and a society, and Publix has an extensive list of charitable programs that positively influence local communities. According to the official corporate Publix website (2015), the Publix Partners program earns money for local schools by contributing $250 for every $37,500 spent cumulatively by a school’s participants (para 1). Statistics from the 2014-2015 Hillsborough Education Foundation Annual Report (2015) show that schools such as Walton High
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