Puce Fairy Book Analysis

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A Feminist Analysis of Puce Fairy Book Children often learn about their society’s ideals of love and relationships from fairy tales. Told from a female perspective, the poem Puce Fairy Book by Alice Major challenges and disproves the unfeasible and degrading expectations that women are held to, specifically by men in relationships. The motivation of the speaker, addressing a male counterpart, is to say that she does not care for other’s opinions of her faults and does not desire such unaccepting people in her life. Major’s use of fairy tale allusions and metaphors play an important role in establishing the central message that is the “perfect” ideological image that society has created for women to conform to are unrealistic and…show more content…
The line “so you tried revisionist tale-telling and turned them into dwarves” is not meant to directly indicate the male figure’s efforts to transform the woman’s former romantic interests into “dwarves” but rather his efforts to make these men appear as being lesser people and of no significant importance (Major 9-10). By doing so the current prince feels less threatened in his masculinity and superiority. The burning of photographs of the former princes in my corresponding video is a clear visualization of this passage. Additionally, throughout the poem, Major alludes to romantic but impractical fairy tales which are familiar to a large audience. One tale the speaker references is that of Sleeping Beauty when she says “you wanted a lady sleeping in a garden / no rings on her fingers / never been kissed” (Major 5-7). Sleeping Beauty is placed in a deep eternal sleep and can only be woken by true love’s first kiss, encouraging men to believe that a proper woman is one whom waits patiently for their true significant other before engaging in real contact. Furthermore, this perpetuates the traditional societal expectation that a woman must remain pure by preserving her virginity until marriage which, in reality, is unrealistic. This understanding is reflected in my media product through my deliberate choice of costuming for my young female protagonist in the form of a moderately conservative white and pastel coloured dress to represent purity, delicacy, and

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