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Have you ever felt like a fish out of water, or like a zebra without stripes? Many go through situations where they feel like outcasts among others. There are certain expectations within Hispanic cultures, especially when it comes to speaking their language. I myself have felt detached from my Puerto Rican heritage because I don’t know the Spanish lingo. Throughout my life I haven’t felt accepted to the culture itself because I’ve been labeled as the phony Puerto Rican. When I was younger, around the age of 12, I went to visit my family in Puerto Rico. As soon as I stepped off the plane, it was as if I was thrown into whole new environment that I was unfamiliar with at all. I asked my grandmother, “Grandma, why is it so nasty…show more content…
My grandmother had to translate for me. Grandma said, “What do you feel like eating today, pequena?” I replied, “I want cheese quesadillas, please.” Now cheese quesadillas were also called pizza quesadillas, which are one of my favorite meals that is sold in Puerto Rico. They are extremely gooey and the warmth of the tortilla would fill my mouth. Every time we headed back to NY, my grandmother would take a large box with her and we would enjoy every last bit. As time went by, I grew up and began to attend high school. My freshman and sophomore year I had taken Spanish as my language course. Every year that I would step in the class and everyone would look at me as the Hispanic girl and assumed I already knew how to speak the language fluently. They were absolutely wrong. My teacher Ms. Ramirez said, “Bienvenida, mucho gusto.” I looked at her in astonishment. I replied, “Excuse me; I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish.” With this realization she responded, “Okay, that is fine, that is what you’re here for, to learn.” I felt at ease because every time someone comes to me speaking Spanish, I have the tendency to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Next year came along, sophomore year and again i'm in the same predicament, a non-Spanish speaker. Towards the end of my first class, the teacher gives us an assignment to do for the remainder of the time. A classmate of mine turns around and presumes to ask, "Hey, can you help me out

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