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Puerto Rico is one of the prettiest and bluest places on Earth. The absolute location is 18.2208N, 66.5901 W. It is an island, so it is surrounded by water, specifically the Atlantic Ocean. Strange enough, with so much water around, you would think that Puerto Rico’s fishing industry would be outrageous, but its falling fruits beat the title. The people of Puerto Rico are called bordiqua and are very proud of their Latin heritage. They are also extremely proud of their flag with the lonesome star representing common wealth of Puerto Rico. Each three points of the blue triangle represent its 3 branches of Republican government (executive, legislative, and judicial). The three stripes of red stand for the blood shed on the island and the two white stripes represent freedom of man. The Puerto Rican Rock frog (AKA- coquito) is a very large part of their culture. It is called a “robber frog” because of the loud noises it makes leaving sounds like blazing sirens.
Movement in Puerto Rico in an everyday standard is about the same as in Belle Chasse, LA. Mopeds, cars and trains are often used. To migrate from and to this island one must travel by air or water. (AKA plane and boat). This Commonwealth is a Functional region because it produces most of the sugar, coffee and rum for not only the U.S., but also
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Old San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. It is located 18.2759N, 66.637W. This place has no daylight savings time because it is locate close to the equator and does not need it. Its nickname is the walled city because it has barrier reefs around it to protect from hurricanes and other natural disasters. Puerto Rico has an annual kite festival and it is located in San Juan. Students from all schools get together on February 27th from 11am to 4pm to relax and fly a kite in union right by the fort and beautiful water
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