Puerto Rico Statehood

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Puerto Rico Statehood
Composition 2 (11 am)

Formal Outline
Topic: Puerto Rico Statehood
Purpose: To encourage the US and Puerto Rican government to for more interest for Puerto Rico statehood.
Thesis: As an American I feel our government needs to make more progress, and give more encouragement to Puerto Rico to become a state though education, and social learning.
I Economics: A: Underemployment B: Taxes Incentives C: Effects on the economy
II Political: A: US citizenship. B: National security. C: They will have more of voice.
III Education and Social: A: More education for Puerto Rico B: Cultural effects C: language.

Puerto Rico Statehood
The US territory Puerto Rico
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The opportunities which are available to every unemployed worker in the United States are training programs, health insurance assistance, and food and emergency aid. With these programs available to the unemployed in the United States, it is helping put America back to work, and giving people the opportunity to go back school to be retrained in a new field of work which they didn’t have the chance to do in the past. Since Puerto Rico isn’t a state they don’t have these programs that assist the unemployed to help them get back to work, in turn it’s causing a big problem for their economy.
The biggest problem for Puerto Rico’s economy is the tax incentives for big corporations that establish operations in Puerto Rico. One of the advantages for a corporation to operate in Puerto Rico is that they can claim their profits and wages paid up to 60 percent for tax credits, in which does cost the United States and Puerto Rico billions of dollars each year in tax revenue (U.S. Census, 2003). These tax breaks they receive do not benefit the local economy; they go elsewhere. As a result of this and other factors, the United States’ total spending is $22 Billion dollars each year for federal funds to stimulate the Puerto Rican economy (Schaefer, 2010).
The unique tax benefits Puerto Rico offers to corporations to establish operations on their island are very attractive to companies who want to increase their profits. With these tax benefits in place, Puerto
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