Puerto Rico: The Next State

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These reasons will be discussed in this paper but I also want to get into the history of the Island and what makes it unique to the rest of the mainland United States. Puerto Rico has culture who wants to embrace this uniqueness and there individuality in there island. I admire them for that.

Puerto Rico's Lands came to United States in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War in 1898 along with Cuba and the Philippines, as Cuba was immediately granted independence it took the Philippines until 1946, right after World War Two to be granted independence . Initially the name of Puerto Rico was changed by the military to Porto Rico this lasted until 1932 when the United States Congress changed it back to Puerto Rico the original name. This was a part of the “Americanization” that occurred in Puerto Rico. In 1899 when the island joined the United States it was classified as an unincorporated territory which means they were a part of the United States but no parts of the Constitution was incorporated into the rule. So in 1917 Woodrow Wilson President at the time granted all Puerto Ricans Citizenship. In which made them eligible to be drafted into the United States Army in time for World War One. Compared to Hawaii who joined the U.S as a Territory in 1898 all there citizens were granted United States Citizenship the same year. During the time between 1898 and 1952 as a part of the Americanization process…
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