Pull In Your Readers With An Irresistible Plot Twist Analysis

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Plot twist whether terrifying, exciting or depressing many times end up the most integral part of a story. The big secret that readers are kept away from that helps them connect the dots. Author Jay Bonansinga analyzes the plot twist in his article “And then…Pull in your Readers with an Irresistible Plot Twist”.Bonansinga notes, “It usually happens on a wave of dramatic music, quivering strings and dronning bassoons, and it’s often accompanied by a tightening of the belly, an audible exhalation from the audience and a beatific smile. The smile that says:Ooooo,so this is what it’s all about”(1).The plot twist can be used as a tool by the writer to recapture readers attention, which potentially drifts while introducing stories. With the plot…show more content…
In the short stories being ill content with life leads to even deeper misfortunes. After the plot twist readers can examine the quote by Doyle where he states “She had a liking for new experiences, and was gracious to most men who wooed her” (2). Lady Sannox seems like a thrill seeker going for different men and in the end karma paid her a visit. Her dissatisfaction with what she has is arguable reminiscent of Mathilde when Maupassant writes, “She had no clothes, no jewels, nothing. And these were the only things she loved; she felt that she was made for them”(2). In both stories the ladies desires to be adored and their ill content with what some might call lofty life’s left them battered and in shambles. It can be concluded that if Mathlide was more grateful for the life she’s been provided with, she wouldn’t have seeked fancy jewel’s which the plot twist punished her for .Also if Lady Sannox stayed faithful to her husband, Lord Sannox wouldn’t have reacted so violently.Since the plot twist of both stories role display the downfall of two characters who never made peace with who they were and suffered for it, it can be said that serve very similar moral
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