Pullman's Ideolgy in Northern Lights

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Children’s literature has become one of the major branches of literature. The first literature written specifically for children was intended to instruct them. Critics who study children's literature have found that what is viewed as appropriate reading for children adheres closely to a culture's notion of what a child is a notion that may change considerably from time to time. In the 18th and early 19th Centuries John Newbery - an English author and bookseller- , was the first publisher to dedicate himself to publishing for children. Newbery began to produce a series of chapbooks especially for children, starting with a little Pretty Pocket- Book (1744). He published this book with the motto 'Instruction with Delight'. He was influenced…show more content…
Apparently it is for children but in fact you will find the writer ideas and ideology hidden in the book. Peter Hunt says, 'Children's literature is a powerful literature, and...Such a power cannot be neutral or innocent, or trivial.' (Hunt, 1994, 3) Hunt goes on to describe children's fiction as, 'an ideological minefield.' (Hunt, 1994, 186). It has been argued from a number of social and critical perspectives that language as a system of signification - what is commonly referred to as discourse - is endemically and pervasively imbued with ideology. Adults may use children's literature as a way of introducing societal normality's to a young audience to ensure that this manner of behavior is carried forth into the next generation. For these reason children literature is no more consider as being innocent. I will take the novel Northern Lights as an example to prove Peter Hunt statement. Northern Lights by Philip Pullman’s, was first published in 1995. It is hard to classify this novel as being aimed to children or adults. There are many reasons why this novel can classified as a book for children. First the hero of the novel Lyra is an orphan brought up by teachers of the college. The theme of orphaned child search for her parents is a common device in children books. The fantastic, witches and magic are features of children literature. At first sight we think that this novel is

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