Pulmonary Edema Essay

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The effects of cigarette smoking in Pulmonary Edema. First, this discussion will inform readers of cigarette smoking on normal lungs, then how cigarette smoking affects lungs impaired with pulmonary edema. Initially, the smoke inhaled from a cigarette will enter the lungs and travel deep to the alveoli as a person inhales. Alveoli is where gas exchange takes place to oxygenate the blood that is carried throughout the body. Gasses from the inhaled smoke are absorbed into the respiratory tract and toxins and carcinogens are deposited into the alveoli (NCBI, 2010). Since public health officials have informed the public of the negative health effects of prolonged smoking, it is common knowledge that smoking causes cancer, heart disease, and…show more content…
Pulmonary edema is commonly caused by congestive heart failure and fluid overload (Huether & McCance, 2012). With pulmonary edema, there is an increased amount of secretions in the alveoli due to increased hydrostatic pressure in the pulmonary capillaries causing fluid to move in the lung (Tazibr, 2016). There is also an increased amount of secretions in the alveoli due to damaged cilia from smoking. These secretions accumulate and cause further airway obstruction and impair gas exchange. Smoking also deposits nicotine, tar, and oxidant particles in the alveoli (NCBI, 2010). Although the immune response assists with these toxins, prolonged smoking decreases the immune response. For example, a person coughs when he or she smokes that first cigarette. Coughing diminishes over time as a person becomes accustomed to smoking. The rate that macrophages assist with removing toxic particles decrease over time as well (NCBI, 2010) and the efficacy of macrophages decrease with pulmonary edema. The combination of pulmonary edema and chronic over inflation with emphysema greatly impairs the gas exchange at the alveolar
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