Pulmonary Tuberculosis : A Serious Disease That Affects The Lungs

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Pulmonary Tuberculosis Pulmonary tuberculosis is a serious disease that affects the lungs. In the United States it was once a rare disease, however in 1985 there was a reoccurrence due to HIV. Tuberculosis has been around for a long time since the nineteenth centuries claiming the lives of many. Pulmonary tuberculosis is said “to be the second disease in the United States that is very deadly caused by infectious agents” quoted by Terry Des Jardins, Med, RRT. Since a drug has been found to treat Tuberculosis the numbers of death have decreased. In my essay I plan to talk about the diagnosis, signs and symptoms, treatments, the cause of tuberculosis and how the disease called Pulmonary tuberculosis came about over the years. I will also…show more content…
Those stages are Primary TB; Latent TB and you can have Active TB. Primary TB is when the person shows no signs of the disease for many Page 3 years because the disease is inactive. Latent TB is when you have TB but it is not active and you can’t spread it to anyone. You can’t spread the disease because your body is very too busy fighting to prevent the disease from becoming active in the immune system. Active TB is when you are having symptoms you can infect others around you now that the TB bacilli have grown into the lungs. Pulmonary tuberculosis is usually caused when a person coughs or sneeze and breath in air droplets of a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis). Sometimes; if a person lives in a small contained home that is not cleaned and have no sunlight coming into the home may put them at risk of developing tuberculosis. Homeless people can be at risk for tuberculosis because that are not getting any nutrition and live in a poor environment. People that are living with HIV are really at risk of contracted TB because their immune system may be low and are unable to fight off the bacteria due to medication they may be taking. People do not have to necessarily be around a person with TB, their poor living situation can cause them to contracted TB. This bacteria mycobacterium
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