Pulp Company Business Operations

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Pulp Company Business Operations

Pulp Company manufacture and sells paper card board, food packaging, and carton boxes to various industries such as food industries, stationery shops, packaging companies, and electrical & electronics industries etc. Pulp Co. uses waste paper as raw material for recycling and producing pulp. The pulp is blown dry and hardens thus forming cardboard which is used for games board, ring files, and drawing board found in stationery shop. These pulp are also used to produce trays for holding food such as eggs, dried food products etc. With recycling of waste paper in card board, carton boxes of various sizes and holding capacity can also be produced and sold to packaging
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This computerized software system is usually known as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Orders and delivery information should be correctly captured in the system once purchase orders from customers are received. Finished goods would be delivered to customers through in-house transport department.

4.1.4 Basic customer handling skills.

Indoor sales usually does not deal much with potential prospects as they only serve confirmed customers. However it is paramount that they learn how to communicate with customers usually the purchaser, and convey their requests into proper order fulfillments.

4.1.5 Product knowledge.

Every sales personnel must know what they are selling. Indoor sales clerks must be enable to identify various services and products produced by their company.

4.2 Outdoor sales training scheme

The outdoor sales executives form the core of profit generation. They are the ones who are responsible for the livelihood of all the staff including the CEO himself. Lets focus on their training in Pulp Co.

4.2.1 Sales presentation skills.

The manager will teach the salespeople how to present the product to the potential prospect. There are 2 methods of sales

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