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     Pulp Fiction, through the course of incorporating three seemingly unrelated narratives pulled together an interwoven story that unfolded like a well-oiled machine. With each of the narratives relying on pieces of the lurid subject matter (pulp) previous to it, which aided in expressing the overall theme. The film manages to pull this off while still giving each of its narrative segments equal weight; as a result they work like interlocking gears, each one necessary to all the others. Leaving us with thematic structure and many different kinds of pulp in a humorous amoral setting. What is strange about these intermingled narratives is the order in which they are told. I hope to articulate how the fracturing…show more content…
Once in the apartment our first discrepancy between the film and the screenplay also takes place, cutting this narrative segment after Jules speech. As a result the scene solidifies our impressions of the gangsters as true gangsters, by not instantly putting them in a vulnerable position. A position that isn’t even dealt with at all in the following narrative, in fact, in the screenplay Jules is not even part of the next story. Cutting the scene here also sparks interest in Jules bad speech (bad in the cool way).      Moving into the next narrative right away the foundation for The Gold Watch is setup, as Marsellus and Butch talk over their business deal. Albeit Marcellus is the big man on campus, but with the large self-confidence of all the films characters he soured his deal from the start. Condescendingly speaking of Butch’s ability: how it won’t last, and that being a fact that he’s going to have to get real about. Marsellus continues, “Besides how many fights you got left? You came close but you never made it, and if you where going to make it you would have made it by now.” In the movie the affect of Marsellus’s words was dealt with considerably better than in the script. Marsellus’s spiel (from above) is the changed version; it makes the film more realistic not having Bruce Willis as a featherweight. However the big change that should have tipped Marsellus off was

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