Puma Company: Marketing Strategy: Nike And Adidas

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1. Affordable Price
Puma Company targeted the young and upper middle class of men and women. Although Puma product have a high prices but there are still affordable when compared to the higher priced competitors like Nike and Adidas. The pricing strategy employed is designed to offer competition to its rival companies. In additional, Nike and Adidas are the only closest competitors for Puma, the retail price of Nike and Adidas is higher. Due to the Puma brand name it enjoys, the pricing of Puma products look convincing most of the times.
2. Competitive Price
Puma Company is going to set a competitive price. The Puma’s product prices that customers can compared the prices with another competitors like Nike and Adidas. Puma provides
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Different wide range (product)
Puma has produce different wide range, such as fashion accessories, sportswear and sportsgood. Puma is also the main producer of enthusiast driving shoes and race suits. Puma already can provide a good quality product. Puma has produce the following products :Sports shoes, shoes,T-shirts Apparels, Fancy shoes, T shirts ,Water bottles. Product diversification strategies include production of gymnasium equipment, trekking equipment and Nutrition and Fitness consultancy. Product diversification strategy is purpose to make the company get more profit and attract different consumer.
2. Good quality
Puma provides good quality of product. They emphasize on how the consumers feel and comfort when they use their product so that they can buy their product again in the future. This strategy is also to enhance the brand loyalty of customers which can be a long term business.

2. Counterfeit Products
Counterfeit products can directly damage the brand and cause considerable damage to customer confidence their brand. This case lead to a negative image for PUMA and It can affect the company continued development. PUMA is a popular brand in the world and they produce a high quality product. But the counterfeit product produce the product is very low quality and the price of counterfeit product is very expensive compare with the PUMA. This case will affect PUMA sales and damage image PUMA

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