Pump Creek Short Story

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Losing somebody is hard, but remembering the memories you have of them is an amazing feeling. In the summer of ‘84, my mother, her late mom (Grandma Patty), and her best friend, Julie, went on a canoe trip down Stump Creek. If the name doesn’t give any clues to what this creek was like, well I’ll help you understand. This creek was littered with old fallen trees that stuck out above the water's surface, and also hidden right beneath the surface. Because of these, it was easy to get stuck on them. That being said, read on to discover just what went down on the seemingly calm waters of Stump Creek, and one of the last memories my mom has of her own mother.
It was the summer of 1984 when my mom, her mom, and her best friend decided it would be fun to take a canoe trip down scenic Stump Creek, just west of a small secluded Wisconsin town called St. Germain. They brought along a cooler full of liverwurst sandwiches with onions- Grandma Patty’s favorite- for lunch, their old rusty canoe that hadn’t been used in years, Grandma’s camera, and everything else Grandma thought they need. They all piled into the canoe ready to enjoy a relaxing day on the water, or so they thought.
Before we get the actual story started, a little bit of backstory on Grandma Patty. Grandma was very particular about how some things were done and carried out. For example, lunch was always the most important thing to her on trips like the canoe trip. Because if Grandma Patty loved anything, it was her kids,
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