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The song, “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People tells the story of a boy who is driven through domestic abuse and bullying to take a gun to school. He tells all the kids with the “pumped up kicks” to try and outrun him and his gun. The artist says it’s to bring awareness to bullying and the possible consequences. This is a good message and is generally assumed to affect the middle and high school population. However it can be taken further than just schoolyard bullying. Bullying happens in post-school life, and if you interpret a little deeper and on a grander scale into the song’s lyrics, you might find something else embedded. Firstly, what are pumped up kicks? Pumped up kicks refers to a brand of sneakers known as Air Jordans. You…show more content…
These examples of senseless violence only serve to widen the perceived gap between the “classes” of people. It is interesting to note that school, the place where the boy in the song goes to exact his revenge, of course, has classes. High school is a fairly accurate model of social classes in the real world, though these differences are more trivial than in the real world, but they are there. The popular people, the upper classmen, the jocks, the cheerleaders, these are the rich of the high school jungle. The unpopular kids, the lower classmen, all of the people who fall outside the spectrum of normal are the poor, the social pariahs of high school. In school, popularity is a commodity, and like the real world, some have more than others. Popularity in school however isn’t money per say, more like power. The less powerful people spend every day seeing the very powerful, and some envy them this power. Some try to improve themselves to become more popular, some people try to improve and just have bad luck, some give up, some go their own way, and some try to take the power from the powerful with force. All of these different types of people, and that’s just in a school, think about how it applies in a grander scheme. The existence of classes between people is lamentable, but it does exist, and it sews discord between them. Perhaps the
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