Pumpkin Patch

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Introduction THE COMPANY Company’s history Key employees Key competitors Brands Business operations Location Subsidiaries Catalogue & Internet VALUE CHAIN Product design and origination Product development and sourcing Marketing & communication of brand values Distribution Customer Experience SWOT ANALYSIS FINANCIAL SITUATION STUDY QUESTIONS CONCLUSIONS REFERENCES APPENDIXES

Our case assignment is about the New Zealand Retail Company Pumpkin Patch Ltd
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- Free in store wi-fi, expecting to roll this out over the majority of the stores in the coming year. 70% of smartphone owners use them while in store shopping so free wi-fi is a low cost way, creating a reason for customers to come into store, stay longer, and buy more.

The location of the stores is carefully evaluated, analysed by the customer catchments, customer demographics, cost of retail space and proximity of competitors and other existing PPL stores. The sizes of the stores are between 250mand 350m2with leases of minimum 5 years.

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Pumpkin Patch has had always in mind to widen its horizons, so they open up to 190 stores, planning on opening 11 more stores in 2013.

Catalogue and Internet
Pumpkin Patch has an e-tall website called www.pumpkinpatchkids.com. Its average number of visits received on 2009 was 65 000 000.
It is regularly refreshed to include all the latest available ranges of products and services.
Customers usually purchase their products on-store. Nevertheless, there is a significant database of customers that purchase them via the Internet or the catalogues, which are produced seasonally at 300 000 in New Zealand and Australia.


Product design and origination It’s an extremely important part of the business

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