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It was a sunny fall day. The leaves were crunching like potato chips every time you stepped. They were lovely and magnificent orange, red, yellow, and everything between. It wasn’t quite freezing but a cup of would not have melted. My family had just woke up, Including my best friend Joyce who had stayed the night the night before. At the table while eating breakfast, my sisters, Joyce, and I were all begging and pleading my mom to take us to a pumpkin patch. She finally agreed to take us so we all got ready.

When we got there it was so lovely, the leaves were all on the ground as stunning as you think they could get. And there were more rows of pumpkins than there rows are in the Broadway Theatre. There were white ones, orange ones, and there were really deformed ones but they all looked beautiful.

At the patch there was a hay ride. Joyce and I Wanted to be on the very end of it so we could feel more dangersome.
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I got a really big one that was so big If I dropped it there would be an explosion. Joyce got a pumpkin that was medium sized but it was dazzling orange. While we were waiting, (which felt like a hour) for my sisters and mom to get pumpkins Joyce and I were playing around with the baby pumpkins. 20 min. later (If my family would have hurried what is about to happen wouldn’t have.) Joyce and I got so bored we started playing catch with a baby pumpkin (which now that I think about it wasn't a good idea Because we were right in front of the cashier but you know.) When we were tossing it to each other to make it more fun we started throwing it harder and harder. Eventually we were throwing it so hard I accidently aimed a little too far to the left and may or may not have hit the cashier in the face.

I have not been to a pumpkin patch since, but I now no that when I do, maybe don´t hit the cashier in the face. And from now on I will always remember this day because I can't live it down in my
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