Punishing Children Research Paper

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What does punishing your child really do? Many people think punishment helps people decide to do the right thing, and know what's right. That's wrong, in reality it makes kids think their parents are trying to shape them into someone they want them to be. That will cause kids to disobey more, and try to be less of what you want them to be. Though some people think it's good to punish their children, I believe that it's not. I feel this way because it can cause kids to sneak and lie more, to not get detected. Punishment also doesn't help with the child's emotions, so they get shoved down and ignored. Last, children can also begin to think the parents are responsible for making them behave, instead of the children taking responsibility for their actions. My first reason for thinking it's wrong to punish children is it causes children to sneak and lie more, so they won't get caught disobeying. Laura Shlessinger said ¨The most salient lesson of punishment is to avoid it in the future by sneaking and lying to escape detection, so punishment fosters dishonesty." ( This is important because it shows that kids don't want to be punished.…show more content…
They end up shoving them down and ignore them. Laura Schlessinger also said ¨Because punishment doesn't help a child with emotions that drove her to act out to begin with. Those emotions just get stuffed down, only to pop up again later and cause a repeat of the misbehavior." ( This shows that it causes kids to ignore their emotions because they end up just focusing on what they're feeling from being punished. When my parents would punish me for something, I'd eventually end up doing the same thing over again because what caused me to do it in the first place wasn't addressed. That would then lead to me being punished
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