Punishing Race : A Continuing American Dilemma

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Professor Michael Tonry is the McKnight Presidential Professor of Criminal Law and Policy, director of the Institute on Crime and Public Policy of the University of Minnesota. He is one of the leading scholars of crime and punishment who has put race and race disparity at for front of the American Criminal Justice System and written many scholarly books on the topic. In his other works he has shaped an image of how racially minded the Criminal Justice System is and how such injustice has been applied to African Americans. Based on Tonry`s credentials, the book reviewed in this paper complies valuable and trustworthy statistics and information, and also author`s own experience in this particular field. The book “Punishing Race: A Continuing American Dilemma” is a work of Michael Tonry in which he tries to address the issue of disparity and discrimination toward African Americans and how systematically attitudes and mind set have shaped laws and limitations by the government on this particular group of American society. The main question to which the author tries to find answer is: “How do that a long series of criminal justice policies that do special damage to black people were conceived, adopted, and carried out in a country in which few whites any longer believe in white supremacy or black inferiority” (Tonry, 2011, preface X). The question presented by Tonry is very important for the American society because it addresses an issue that not everyone wants to

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