Punishment During The Elizabethan Era

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The elizabethan era was a pretty tough time to be alive, and so crime was rampant in the streets. But no amount of crime was worth the large assortment or punishments that were lined up for the next person who dared cross the line.

Punishment during the elizabethan era was some of the most brutal I have ever seen, and personally I think it was almost unjustly so, but people back then thought quite the opposite, In fact, they thought it was fun to watch. These punishments include, but are not limited to; the rack, the scavenger’s daughter, the collar, the iron maiden, branding irons, the wheel, thumbscrews, the gossip’s bridle/the brank, the drunkard’s cloak, ducking stools, the pillory, and the stocks, as well as whipping, burning or branding, pressing, boiling in hot water, oil, or lead, starvation in a public place, and finally cutting off various parts of the anatomy. I would like to elaborate on (in my opinion) the worst and/or most brutal ones.

Let’s start with the worst. The wheel. It’s exactly what
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The Iron Maiden was a big human shaped cabinet that was lined in spikes. People would be put into this cabinet, and and the doors would be closed, causing the victim to be impaled from many different angles and would eventually bleed out and die. The only reason this is not on the top of my list is because it was never proven to be actually used or even to exist. Many believe it is actually a version of another torture device called the drunkard’s cloak that was lined with spikes, others believe that it was made up by historians who wanted publicity at a museum they work for.

In conclusion, crime wasn’t worth it. No matter how much you got out of a job or something, it was not enough to compensate for the amount of pain you would be in if you were found out. This also shows how hard life was back then, the sheer fact that they came up with these devices shows how much they needed to solve the crime rate during that
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