Punishment Essay: The Case For Abolishing The Death Penalty

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The Case for Abolishing the Death Penalty.

Lena Baker an African American Women in Georgia was unjustly murdered by the state and country in 1945. Her boss, Earnest Knight, was an abusive man, who made sexual advances on this women. After being scared for her life she acted in self defense in order to save herself. In the possess of fighting for her life she killed Knight. An all white male jury found Lena guilty of murder, and was sentenced to execution by electrocution. After her death in 1945 she was pardoned of all charges in 2003. This tragic tale shows how the justice system can be broken and have perpetual consequences. A society that murders for justice is not a morally just society because of the degradation of ethics and the
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They cite basic constructs such as there is no more life for the killer after trial. There are two main problems with this simple claim, the first being that nearly 25% of death row inmates die of natural causes, and it takes an average of 15 years for a person to executed as reported by This long wait time that is necessary for due process proves the affirmatives construct wrong. Even if you were a proponent to death penalty the family has to wait a decade in a half on average to see the killer die. Often times the killers have tried to make amends with what they have done so you can never be sure you are executing the same person that committed the crime. If you are executing a person such as Jeff Furgeson you are actually harming the prison system because you are removing a good influence. The NCADP cites that after North Carolina stopped the death penalty and murder rates actually lowered. They also report that states who have abolished the death penalty or have not used it have drastically lower murder rates. If the death penalty did deter crime than the states that did have the death penalty would have a lower crime rate. The numerical evidence proves that the proponents claim that death penalty does deter criminals from murder is in fact
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