Punishment Research Paper

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Punishment Research Paper Megan Marie Kayser University of Phoenix June 12, 2011 Patrice Jackson SOC/120 Punishment Research Paper There have been four types of justification for punishment throughout the years of society. From older punishments such as retribution to more modern punishments like societal protection, all have been put in place to protect society and to punish individuals for their deviant acts. To find out which type of justification for punishment is most effective, one needs to know how each work and the impact these punishments have on society. The first and oldest type of justification for punishment is retribution. An eye for an eye is the best example of retribution. The idea of this type of punishment…show more content…
The person would have to want to be rehabilitated in order for it to work; if they are not ready the rehabilitation will not be successful. The fourth and final justification for punishment is societal protection. This is the imprisonment of an offender that has performed a deviant act for a period of time. This form of justification is not only for the punishment of a criminal, but to keep balance and protect society from deviant behavior. This goes back to retribution and the question, does the punishment fit the crime? These four types of justification for punishment have all deterred crime effectively one way or another. As for which one of these deters crime most effectively, I would have to say deterrence is the best way. Like the 18th century, when societies were able to watch as criminals paid with their lives for the crimes that they have done was a huge impact on how society looks at the penalties for deviant behavior. We have the same affect with what we see and hear in today’s world as capital punishment became present. To know that the punishment for murder can cost you your life by lethal injection and the electric chair, or contribute to life in prison is enough deterrence for most people to not commit these acts. However along with deterrence, there must be education to people, teaching
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