Punishment Vs. Rehabilitation And Rehabilitation

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Punishment vs Rehabilitation
Punishment and rehabilitation are topics of many debates, especially when it comes to the effectiveness of them both but when these two dynamics work collectively they will be helpful in controlling crime. Punishment and rehabilitation is expected for those that have elected to disobey the law; these are only two of the four recognized objectives with in the criminal justice system, the others include deterrence and incapacitation. Punishing offenders and then subsequently involving rehabilitation in the course of community supervision can be the foundation to help prevent crime. Of course, the punishment and re-integration stage should be rooted on the character of the offense. When the proper sentence is handed out upon the offender, it also helps discourages them from the same unlawful doings. As we all know, rehabilitating criminals has develop into an extremely debatable topic throughout the nation. The correctional system has made rehabilitation a top priority given that the greater part of the criminals is repeat offenders. The effects of correctional involvement on repeat offenders play a vital role on the public safety implication when offenders are unconstrained to probation or prison. Several studies have been performed on those effects, some investigated the penalizing approach and others investigated the treatment approach. Results were displayed with astonishing stability in organized reviews of those studies. Punishment and…
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