Punishment and Sentencing Paper

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Punishment and Sentencing Paper
Garrett LeGrange
September 17, 2010

There are many different philosophies that are in use in the court systems when determining what sort of punishment will be imposed on someone who is found guilty of committing a crime. These philosophies are in use in both the adult courts and juvenile courts. The juvenile court system is similar to the adult courts, but there are many differences between the two. Both court systems try and keep crime from happening and both courts sentence those found guilty to some sort of punishment through the punishment philosophy that the court determines is a suitable approach for preventing future crime. Deterrence is the first punishment philosophy. Deterrence is
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This philosophy's thought is that the victim of a crime is part of the sentencing process. This means that persons found guilty of committing crimes must compensate the victim of their crime. Restoration is the attempt to make the victims of crimes whole again. This philosophy makes the attempt to make someone guilty of a crime actually pay for their crime to the victim. The juvenile court system has a higher concentration on rehabilitating offenders so that they do not end up in adult courts. In the juvenile system, rehabilitation is the most used philosophy so that the children in the courts may have the opportunity to live a life outside of prison. Adult courts do try and rehabilitate those that are found guilty of committing crimes, but more often than not, rehabilitation is combined with incarceration. Adult courts also differ from juvenile courts because in adult courts there is a presentation of evidence to try and determine guilt. Juvenile courts on the other hand examine the actions of a juvenile and try and determine how to rehabilitate the individual. The sanctions that serve as a guide for judges are probably one of the most important tools that can be used in courts. Adult and juvenile courts can both use sanctions to their advantage. When sanctions are used properly, they can be a very good deterrent for those thinking about committing a crime. These sanctions can be many different things assigned to crimes to help and deter

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