Punishment is not always the Solution

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To live in society we need to obey and abide by the rules that have established by authorities. Anyone who disobeys will pay the consequences. The level of punishment is based on the level of the infraction, misdemeanor or crime committed. Often times, we don’t think before we act. Unconsciously, we harm ourselves and society by acting as we were the only one on Earth. For a better society or a better place for ourselves and future generation we need to enhance the level of education. In addition, we need to think about other types of punishment since that those in place have not done the job expected. The story “Thank U Ma’am” portrays a good example of a type of punishment that works. It is the story of a young boy that tried to steal the purse of a strong woman. The young boy could not accomplish its forfeit because of the woman’s strength. The woman had the opportunity to call the police or beat the boy to death; instead, she took him to her house, gave him food and shelter, and taught him how to read and respect other’s belonging. Above all, she believed in her and inspired him confidence. Not all misdemeanors can be treated the same way or the ways the woman handle the young boy situation. Nevertheless, we need to identify others approaches that can give better solution than the ones we have. Anyone can change. Most of the time, the wrongdoer can be treated and have him or her take the right path. We neglect and tend to treat every problem the same way. Most people

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