Punk In The Film Between Resistance And Community

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Punk is a subculture that has changed over time and continues to change today. It emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s and evolved into a variety of different types during this time. These four types of punk include hardcore, straightedge, Riot Grrrl, and emo. Each of them is very different from one another and brings many different characteristics to the punk community in general. When looking at information in the book Goths, Gamers, and Grrrls, the film Between Resistance and Community, and prior knowledge from class, there are several different aspects to be compared within the punk subculture. Evaluating these three things help to bring about a better understanding of what values are demonstrated in the film, the evolution of punk,…show more content…
Some of the main punk values are personal freedom, disorder, and disrespect for tradition and authority. Disorder is demonstrated in the film because many of the activities that punk rockers participate in are very spur of the moment and unorganized. For example, when a punk rock band goes on tour, almost all of them go without making plans for a place to sleep or how they will feed themselves. These bands often depend on others to offer accommodations at the last minute for food and sleep. The fact that these bands do not rent out venues also represents the value of disorder. They usually play in the basement of someone's house. The movie also demonstrates disrespect for authority. In the documentary, Kyle and Justin from a band called Insurgent decided to have a kickoff show before going on tour behind a printing shop in a strip mall. Although many understand that it is illegal to use electricity from a business without permission, these band members decided to do so anyway until the cops caught them. This is definitely considered rebelling against authority because it would be frowned upon to jack power from an outlet in hopes of getting away with it. Overall, the main value that is shown throughout the film is personal freedom. For example, many of the punks have an attitude that basing their lives on punk rock and promoting it is more beneficial than going to college to make money. Another great example of both personal freedom and rebellion against authority is the lyrics from one of the songs in the movie, "No government is free government. I don't need you, no. I won't rule you, we can both be free." Those lyrics basically explain the perception punk rockers have on
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