Punk Rock Is A Subclass Of Rock And Roll

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me to kick back and relax. A heavy and loud rock song for example, would not fall under my “chill” playlist. A heavy rock song would be more suitable for the “rock” playlist that I have. Songs have different characteristics, while also evoking different feelings within the those who listen. This fact hints at the concept of subclasses and super classes. For example, the genre “rock and roll” could be the super class of “punk rock,” because Rock and Roll is a fairly broad category of music and punk rock is a more specific type or flavor of rock; thus showing how punk rock is a subclass of Rock and Roll. Punk Rock is a category within a category of music. Rock and Roll demonstrates how a genre can evolve from being relatively specific to generally broad as time progresses and new music is introduced over the years. With the superclass of Rock and Roll at the top of the hierarchy, under it could be other subclasses like hard rock, blues rock, pop rock, psychedelic rock, Christian rock, Latin Rock, southern rock, etc. I would not consider my grouping of music to be mutually exclusive. For instance, I may have one song that is on multiple playlists. The song “Summer,” by the artist Calvin Harris, is on both my “party” playlist and my “Electronic Dance Music” playlist. This particular song qualifies and meets the guidelines for both these playlists that I made. The type of song that I was looking to add in each playlist was achieved. I would consider my grouping to be
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