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Name: Summer Whitney
WGU Task Objective Number: 602.8


Lesson Title & Subject(s): Using Puppets to demonstrate letters and sounds. Topic or Unit of Study: Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

Grade/Level: K

Instructional Setting: Kindergarten classroom, 23 students will be sitting at desks for presentation of new information on Phonemic Awareness. Then students will be put into groups of three by teacher for independent practice to segment CVC words. Teacher will group student according to their level. Lower students will be put with higher level students.


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5. Independent Student Practice: You Do 15min.
After the have finished their puppets the teacher will put them into their groups of 3.
The teacher will tell the students the order in which they will take turns.
The teacher will pass out the sets of CVC word cards.
The students will then take turns using their puppets to say the word cards in segments while the
The teacher will walk around to all the groups to make sure all students understand this concept. This will be used for the formal assessment.
The Teacher assist struggling students during this time.

6. Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event: 10 min.
Students will return to their seats and as a class they will say the list CVC words in segment form and then just the word.

Pedagogical Strategy (or Strategies):
Direct Teaching: Using the puppet to demonstrate how to speak in segments (breaking the words apart to hear each letters sound).
Group work: Students will practice saying CVC words in segment form. This will help them to manipulate the words in their head.

Differentiated Instruction: ELL -students will be given cards with a picture and the word on it, and paired with a student that can help them if they need help.
Dyslexia- students will be given cards with a picture and the word on it; they will also be paired with a student that can help them if they need help.
Gifted – students will be given CVCC and CCVC words to work with.

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