Puppet On The Fast Track

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Puppet on the Fast Track Ravi Subramaniam’s novel unfolds the inception of a new banking ethos in India by portraying role-play with passion, perseverance, and pragmatism in varying degrees. Similarly, Ilika Ranjan’s Puppet on the Fast Track (2011) is another novel that unravels the intra-structural dynamics in the superior-subordinate working relationship within the banking structure of a multinational bank in India, the Haute bank. The author portrays the journey of young, positive, new recruits in the corporate sector, gradually unravelling their transition from innocuous enthusiasm to cynicism, as they become victims of connivance, schemes, and calculations, which go well beyond the balance sheets. Among a number of characters, the author follows the stories of Pulak, a fresh, enthusiastic new recruit with a prestigious degree in management, and that of Irina, a bright and honest employee, both of whom become puppets in the hands of their superiors, who in turn, are engaged in their own interpersonal rivalries. Ranjan focuses on the plight of these subordinates, who are subjected to reporting in two separate departments, the Product department that runs in a parallel way with the Sales department. To make matters worse, the Heads of the two departments are engaged in their own perennial war of egos, which undermines both departments, as ideally Product and Sales are meant to be two wheels of the same cart, integrated to work together in achieving their respective goals.
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