Puppetry in Pakistan

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Puppetry in Pakistan

Theatre and Performing Arts
In order to understand and appreciate culture, beauty and art one has to study theatre and performing arts. It develops ones personality and teaches you how to critically analyze things. One of the oldest and most important art forms depicting a countries culture is its theatre. The word theatre is derived from the Greek word theatron which means, "Place of seeing". As a performing art it focuses entirely on live performers creating a self contained drama. There are a number of philosophies, artistic processes, and theatrical approaches while creating plays and dramas. Some are based on political or spiritual ideologies while others are based on purely artistic concerns. Some focus on a
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They were human’s first means of communication and have been part of ceremonies, rituals and carnivals. According to a puppeteer David Logan, "Puppetry is a highly effective and dynamically creative means of exploring the richness of interpersonal communication. By its very nature, puppetry concentrates on the puppet rather than the puppeteer. This provides a safety zone for the puppeteer and allows for exploration of unlimited themes through a safe and non-threatening environment for communication". He further says, "Designing a puppet involves the same processes that a performer uses in building a character. A puppet must always have a valid reason for being. The marvelous thrill of puppetry is that puppets by their very nature do things that are not humanly possible. This allows for the imagination to explore countless different possibilities".
The Earliest Forms of Puppets
The earliest kinds of puppets were in the form of tribal ritual masks with hinged jaws or jointed skulls used in religious ceremonies. Puppets later evolved from these masks into doll like figures with moving limbs. There are five distinct forms of puppets. Each has its own individual characteristics, and certain kinds of dramatic material. Certain types have developed only under specific cultural or geographic conditions. They are classified as hand or glove puppets, rod puppets, Marionette or string puppets, flat

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