Puppy Love, Commercial Love

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Puppy Love, Commercial Love The persuasion industries are researching and refining methods to reinforce an emotional attachment between Americans and the brands they buy (Roberts, "The Magic Connection"). The heart-touching Budweiser USA commercial, "Puppy Love," aired during the halftime performance of Super Bowl XVIII. Budweiser obviously attempts to establish this emotional connection with the viewers, and is very successful in doing so. The reinforcement of the emotional branding connects the viewers to the brand; companies are refining this method to increase product sales. The ad begins at a beautiful ranch in the prairie area. The music in the background sets an emotional feel for the commercial, having "Let Her Go" by The Passenger playing. The sign in the front of the ranch lets the viewer know that there is a puppy adoption going on. One of the puppies escapes the ranch and visits a horse in a stable on the farm. The puppy and the horse make an emotional connection with one another. The owner of the horse cuts this newly found friendship short when he finds the puppy and takes him away. While the puppy is being taken back to the adoption, he looks back at the horse with a sad "puppy dog" face. Once the dog is back at the adoption center, he tries to escape again, however, the adoption owner catches him. After being captured, a man comes to adopt the dog and is taken away. When the car door closes, the horse hears the door close and begins to chase after the
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